My name is Sandra & I’m a Crossfit addict. I started Crossfit in August of 2010 and participated in my first Paleo challenge that started the middle of November and continued through the holidays. I actually won that challenge and haven’t looked back since.

When I began Crossfit, I was at least 30 pounds overweight, had tried every diet and was eating “healthy” foods – you know, the low-fat stuff. I was very skeptical about the Paleo plan when I first heard it, but decided to try it; I mean what did I have to lose, except some pounds, right? So, I started doing research and finding recipes. I thought I would really miss bread and pasta, that was a major portion of my low-fat diet in recent years, but found to my amazement, I didn’t miss it at all after the first few days.

Now, almost 2 years into this new lifestyle, I’m wearing pants that are 5 sizes smaller, I have much more energy, and lost most of my digestive issues that used to plague me constantly. I now own several cookbooks and have created one from the recipes I’ve found around the web. There are so many Paleo bloggers that freely give of their recipes and information. I have learned so much & hope to continue to learn and grow in this new lifestyle. I’m just trying to pass along some of the ¬†information I have gathered from all these amazing and wonderful people.

The recipes I have posted are freely found on the web. I have included direct links to the original post in each recipe. If you find a broken link or a link to the wrong original post, please let me know so I can correct it.



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